Sustainable Urban Drainage for Impermeable Membranes

Climate change and the subsequent increase in more high intensity lower duration storms has meant that solutions are required to cope with these once extreme situations which are becoming more commonplace. UK Membranes have developed relationships with many of the leading suppliers of Attenuation and Infiltration Tanks. This coupled with our experience of installing fully welded impermeable membranes, has led to us being able to offer a full solution for all your Sustainable Urban Drainage requirements.

We have extensive experience of installing basic attenuation tanks, as well as the following measures, which also offer water quality treatment and meet limited discharge requirements set by the EA and SEPA.

  • Linings to Swales
  • Linings to Reed beds
  • Linings to Run–Off areas
  • Linings to Balancing and Finishing Ponds
  • Linings to Porous Pavement Installation

Accreditations and Associations