Gas Protection for Gas Barrier and Gas Membrane Installation

Our Gas Protection systems are designed to suit conditions. For instance they can consist of a high permeability venting layer overlain with a low permeability gas barrier on more heavily contaminated sites. Or on lower contaminated sites it is sometimes acceptable to install a low permeability gas membrane.

We have excellent relationships with most of the leading manufacturers of gas resistant membranes, and can therefore provide customers with the best advice and access to the best solutions. In most instances we install systems which can be welded into large panels when storage on sites is at a premium, or when the programme dictates a quicker than normal installation. UK Membranes has the ability to adapt efficiently and effectively to all situations taking the stress and worry out of complicated and at first sight difficult installations or sites.

Our teams are very well versed in the installation of most of the materials available on the market which include:

  • 2000g LDPE
  • Reinforced LDPE
  • Polypropylene
  • HDPE smooth and textured
  • Self-Adhesive Gas Barriers

Accreditations and Associations